This page contains links to credible, science-based resources that I either have used / cited in my blog entries or that I recommend for general reading and education.

The Good Food / Bad Food Myth:

  1. –  Nutrient Density (basic)
  2. –  Nutrient Density (advanced)

MYTH: Carbs make you fat:

  1. –  Energy intake trends in the US
  2. –  Overweight & obesity statistics in the US
  3. –  Carbohydrates in Human Nutrition
  4. –  Study on the effect of fat & carbohydrate overfeeding in humans

MYTH: Sugar causes diabetes:

  1. –  Myths about diabetes
  2. –  Review of environmental triggers of diabetes
  3. –  Clinical risk factors and development of Type 2 diabetes

MYTH: Fat is bad:

  1. –  Original study about the essential role of fat in the diet
  2. –  More work by George Burr on dietary fat
  3. –  PowerPoint on lipids courtesy of Johns Hopkins University
  4. –  More open courseware about nutrition from Johns Hopkins
  5. –  Information about essential fatty acids courtesy of Linus Pauling Institute
  6. –  More information about the various nutrients from Linus Pauling Institute
  7. –  ADA position on dietary fats
  8. –  Symposium on the evolution of ideas about essential fatty acids
  9. –  Synopsis of ADA position on dietary fat

MYTH: Do high reps to tone:

  1.  –  Brief overview of muscular hypertrophy
  2.  –  Short article about the cellular signaling pathways involved in muscular growth
  3.,%20Intensity.pdf  –  Review article discussing the influence of frequency, intensity, volume, and mode of training on muscle growth in humans
  4.  –  ACSM Position Stand on the various models of resistance training
  5.  –  Review article discussing the morphological and neurological adaptations to strength training
  6. Training for Endurance and Strength: Lessons from Cell Signaling  –  Symposium discussing the seemingly contradictory cellular signaling pathways involved in developing muscular endurance and muscular strength
  7.  –  Page discussing the various components of fitness such as the strength-endurance continuum
  8.  –  Overview of muscle contraction
  9.  –  Overview of muscle energy supply

MYTH: Cardio burns muscle:

  1.  –  Article discussing human muscle protein synthesis and breakdown during and after exercise
  2.  –  Protein metabolism and endurance exercise
  3.  –  Another article discussing a similar topic, this time with some emphasis on nutrition
  4.  –  Article discussing protein requirements for athletes
  5.  –  More on protein and exercise metabolism
  6. The Metabolic Systems: Protein and Amino Acid Metabolism in Muscle  –  More still…
MYTH: Low-intensity cardio is better for fat loss:
  1.  –  Article discussing the crossover concept
  2.  –  Study on the effect of exercise intensity vs energy expenditure on fat loss
  3.  –  Study on the effect of exercise intensity on body fatness and skeletal muscle metabolism
  4.  –  Another study on a similar subject

MYTH: Weight training makes girls bulky:
  1.  –  US National Library of Medicine’s info page on testosterone
MYTH: Eating late at night causes weight gain:
  1.  –  Press release from the Oregon Health & Science University on a study about weight gain and the timing of food consumption in primates
MYTH: Red meat is bad for health:
  1.  –  Study on the effects of red meat consumption on oxidative stress and inflammation
  2.  –  Study on the effects of red meat consumption on plasma lipids
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