About Me

For those of you who are interested in getting to know me a little better, my name is Chris Cotton. I’m a Nutritional Science student at the University of New Hampshire who is minoring in Kinesiology. I work part-time as a personal trainer and am actively involved on campus, educating peers, faculty, and other staff about the role of nutrition as it relates to health and well-being.  I do this via a voluntary peer-ed group called SPIN (Students Promoting Information about Nutrition) and through lectures, talks, and programs I’ve developed on my own (usually by partnering with dorms who are interested in having some tasty food and learning something cool at the same time).  I thoroughly enjoy the subject of human nutrition and hope to pursue a master’s degree here at the university.

My professional and career goals include a couple of different options.  One is working in a corporate or worksite wellness setting, providing personal fitness training on the side; the other is working in an academic setting, most likely as a professor.  It may even be possible for me to combine both options one and two, since I believe I have what it takes to succeed and excel in both settings.  I see myself as someone who can bridge the gap between the academic world and the consumer world.  I want to deliver solid, useful, scientific information to people in an interesting, professional and readily accessible / easily-digestible way.  I want to be the friendly face that people can recognize, the affable guy they can associate with and relate to, and the name they can trust as being honest, accurate, and well-intentioned.  I want to continue to soak up as much information about nutrition as I can and share it with everyone who is willing to learn or interested to know.  I believe there is a need for people like this, and I’m confident that I can fill this role and satisfy that need.

In fact, I’ve started a website of my own that I intend to use for this purpose.  While it’s still in its nascency, and the amount of time I have to devote to it is limited (due to schoolwork and financial constraints), it’s a start.  I hope to expand upon it in time.  What I have so far can be found here.  (It looks best in Safari or Firefox)


For anyone who is curious how I first became interested in nutrition, there’s a short biography of me on my website.

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