About this Blog

Taken from my introductory post:

As a part of my Nutrition and Wellness class here at UNH, the students (myself included) have been tasked with creating and maintaining a WordPress blog. The goal is to provide us with an opportunity to practice honing and developing some marketable and professional skills to better prepare us for a future career as a Wellness professional.  We’ve been instructed to select a topic or a focus for our blog and to produce about two entries a week for about six weeks (≥ 12 entries by the end of the assignment).

I’ve decided that the purpose of this blog will be to take a proverbial sledgehammer to some common nutrition and exercise myths.  Every time I hear something inaccurate, misleading, or just downright wrong, I am going to carefully dismantle it with steely logic and credible, scientific evidence.  It is my hope that you’ll find my entries both educational and, from time to time, entertaining.  Enjoy the show!

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